Tips on Wedding Photography


The advent of digital cameras have turned every wannabe to a photographer; the problem is, like every trade has it’s book of unwritten laws, so does photography and overlooking them may bar you from reaching the heights. Thus, to transform from an amateur photographer to a “Hey, this guy is good”, you need to follow a few tips and suggestions. More so, if you are willing to traverse into the field of wedding photography.

The Basic Equipments

Remember a formula before delving into the realms of wedding photography:

(Artistic touch + Skills + Talent) X Experience = A successful wedding photographer.

Thus, a DSLR with a built in flashgun is the first thing you should consider; even if you lack a certain amount of talent and experience, the preset modes and in-built effects can camouflage you up to quite an extent. Else, settle for:

i. A high-end digital camera or an analog SLR.

ii. Lenses and filters.

iii. Lighting equipment.

iv. A computer and image editing software.

v. A helping hand to recommend and suggest.

Now, certain tips to maximize the photographic outputs.

Artistic wedding Photography

Artistic wedding Photography

The Checklist

  • Background: This is something that can make or break a photo. Focusing on the subject completely shall cut out the ambience and the photograph shall stare stark at your face; taking the negative space around the subject shall make it easier to the eyes. In case there’s a lot of clutter, activity or some type of distraction in the background, try to find a calm and unobtrusive one.

  • Glare from the glasses: Eyeglasses cause a lot of glare that translate to big, bright spots in a photo. This also makes the subject unrecognizable at times; therefore, a proper adjustment of the subject’s head is needed to cut it out. Make them tilt their respective heads so as to avoid the glare(s) from occurring.

  • The events: There are specific moments that provide the perfect pictures. One is the reception, others are:

i. The cutting of the wedding cake.

ii. Throwing of the bridal bouquet.

iii. The bride and the groom kissing.

There are others as well, but these four are the most vital.

  • Technicalities: This is about the shutter speeds, the film speeds and the power of the flash. Specific settings are recommended for capturing your subjects, so read up the user’s manual prior to everything.

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