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Image Polish – How to add pop to images

You can’t expect something to be accepted unless it has a certain amount of polish. That applies to the digital images as well; you can’t expect an entire crowd going ooh and aah… over a bland piece of photo. For that, you need the piece to preserve as much as detail as the original natural beauty and a few basic techniques can definitely come handy to earn you the accolades that you deserve.

So let’s start by preparing the grounds for shooting a waterfall properly. The background color is of an immense importance here; it should be the same as the color decided for creating the border. Black rules the roost in this regard but other suitable alternatives could be any other dark shade. The image size then needs to be increased (you need a very high resolution picture for that), but first, a waterfall needs to be shot properly.

  • How to shoot waterfalls?

Assuming you have all the equipment required i.e. a tripod, a polarizer, wide-angle lenses and a ND filter, set the shutter speed between 0.5 and 4 seconds. The polarizer shall eliminate spectral highlights with light blockage. To obtain the required shutter speed, the ND filter shall be of great use.

  • Shooting waterfalls and silky water effect.

The solution to this is not keeping the shutter open for a longer span. The reasons behind are the changing detail of the flowing water and the sensor. The longer the shutter remains open, more accurate is the averaging of the detail by the sensor. Upon substantial exposure, the detail shall average out into a blur and a smooth and silky band. And if you don’t want that silky effect, just cut out on the shutter time.

  • Tips on shooting waterfalls

Since waterfalls are not run-of-the-mill products, therefore, a categorization is must prior to shooting. The shooting technique shall vary according to the type. The categorizations are done according to the water volume and the presence of the amount of rock and are:

  • Low flow, high rock: Prettiest waterfall shots are made of these. The longer time the shutter requires falling, more graceful and silky is the image.

  • High flow, low rock: These are the toughest to shoot since a slow shutter speed transforms them into a straight and white line.

However, you must also remember: Since shooting waterfalls is the other side of loss of detail, a dreamy and surrealistic effect can be obtained without putting in any muscle.

silky smooth effect waterfalls

silky smooth effect waterfalls


Engagement Photography

Engagement ring

Engagement ring

So the bottom line is: You want to freeze the moment you are getting leashed. However, all of us do not share an equal sense of humor; therefore, let’s use the words Engagement Photography instead. And if you are lucky enough, the wedding photographer you hired won’t mind starting his job a few days prior to the big day.

Engagement Photography

A photo session evens out the odds at an engagement. There are professionals skilled at it; they can help you relax while you are being shot. While most shall ask you to pose, the real experienced ones shall help you not to get bogged down with the details and shall make the best out of natural expressions. But that comes later; you got to decide first whether it is a studio or an outdoor engagement photography location that you shall go for?

There also stay a few other points attached, like, would you prefer formal or casual engagement photography? Would you like it to be posed or a photo journalistic one? Think about the style of engagement photography that shall suit you the most and the wedding photographers shall take care of the rest.

Location for engagement Photography

The most common option remains in choosing an engagement photography location is to get it done in a photographer’s studio; else, any location with scenic beauty is a hot choice. That way, it can be a park or the beach, but most of all, the selected location should translate the couple’s personality into a viewable form.

Dresses to wear?

No, not the wedding gears (or maybe that, if you are a rebel at heart) but something real close it. Tans and whites or even denim makes for a striking engagement photography color combination; whether it should be a formal or a casual attire depends totally on the individual preferences.

Engagement Ring photography

Engagement Ring photography


While ideas run galore regarding an engagement photography session, it’s the wedding photographers who provide the best inputs. It is after all a testing phase before the big day arrives so engagement photos taken at the location of the wedding is going to be a wise choice, that is, if you are not too focused on variety.

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Planning a Wedding Destination

Wedding Destination

Sun, sea and a little bit of sweet sinning – well, that’s what destination weddings are all about, at least, to most of us. But what if the wedding destination is not chosen correctly?

Exotic wedding destinations

Exotic wedding destinations

Things to be kept in mind

For destination weddings, the wedding destinations are some of the most exotic and wonderful locations in the world that are away from where the bride and groom resides. Destination weddings are not traditional ones and this is what that makes them so irresistible. However, problems arise when the traveling part shows up; it’s also tough deciding if the wedding is going to be a large event or a small one; the expenses and the legal matters. Though wedding planners include everything in the package, they do not reveal one vital point: you must choose the place of wedding in a way so that you do not have to travel to some other place for a honeymoon. This is where you can really score and help them to stay away from making unnecessary profits.

How to choose the best places for wedding Destination

All that fun and excitement can get spoilt if right decisions are not taken; that ranges from choosing the place for your wedding destination to the wedding photographer. Therefore, a couple needs to decide first (unless a specific destination is preferred) the kind of ambience and climate they would like, the activities and the type of the events. And all these relate directly to the time of the year when you are planning your wedding.

Choosing the place also depends upon the kind of people you are inviting. If it’s a large number of guests, a location with an easy accessibility should be preferred; in case it’s a young and vibrant crowd, a location with a vivid nightlife as well as multiple dining and shopping options shall prove to be a better choice. In a word, the activities should match the psychology of your guests yet shall provide enough private space for the newly wed couple.

You might pose the question of budget now; expenses that remain involved with a chosen travel destination often makes us compromise. Add to this the cost of the wedding ceremony as well as the reception and things can well go over the budget. Thus, to make a destination wedding come successful, it’s best to choose from the packages that are available with the wedding event planners.

Wedding Photography Packages

Certain old adages are proving wrong of recent; in this commercial world, what people consider to be the best usually come in huge packages. But how does that relate to wedding photography?

What are wedding photography packages?

So you are through with the tasks of finding the best from an entire range of wedding photographers; however, did you try comparing them according to the packages they are providing? If not, then stay away from it.

Instead, ask him for his recommendations on wedding photography according to the details of the wedding he has been hired for. Most probably he shall give you very sane opinions, but you may add (read insist) a custom-designed album (with at least two dozens of pages) along with a proof album nesting every picture from the wedding. That way, you shall be able to pick the photos by choice.

Many of the wedding photography packages also include a CD or a DVD (nowadays, you can simply ask for transferring the hi-resolution photos in a pen-drive) programmed for a slide show; some wedding photographers even go the distance of providing the enlargements for a limited number of photos at no or a very nominal cost, ranging to about 15% of the total cost of the charges quoted by your wedding photographer.

Wedding Photography checklist

A checklist is a list of items (names, tasks etc.) to be checked or consulted. Since photography is considered an important part of a wedding, one must plan well ahead how the wedding photography should go.

Wedding photographers, out of their experiences, have a fair idea of the general checklists their hirers have in mind; however, these are general checklists and not exclusive ones. A general checklist may comprise freezing all the important moments; an exclusive one shall comprise those when the real close ones are just pulling a gaffe. The advantage of such a checklist is that it shall make re-live the memories while leafing through an album later; the old adage holds true here.

Say for example, the arrival of the groom. People are usually a bit nervous on their wedding day, so tripping a bit over the carpet can make a really funny shot. Or may it be the bride, in her bridal echelon or the throwing of the bridal bouquet. An aerial view of the wedding site is also a staple for the checklists and so is the exchange of the vows or rings; to sum it up all, make your imagination run wild as far as it can go.