Wedding Photography Packages

Certain old adages are proving wrong of recent; in this commercial world, what people consider to be the best usually come in huge packages. But how does that relate to wedding photography?

What are wedding photography packages?

So you are through with the tasks of finding the best from an entire range of wedding photographers; however, did you try comparing them according to the packages they are providing? If not, then stay away from it.

Instead, ask him for his recommendations on wedding photography according to the details of the wedding he has been hired for. Most probably he shall give you very sane opinions, but you may add (read insist) a custom-designed album (with at least two dozens of pages) along with a proof album nesting every picture from the wedding. That way, you shall be able to pick the photos by choice.

Many of the wedding photography packages also include a CD or a DVD (nowadays, you can simply ask for transferring the hi-resolution photos in a pen-drive) programmed for a slide show; some wedding photographers even go the distance of providing the enlargements for a limited number of photos at no or a very nominal cost, ranging to about 15% of the total cost of the charges quoted by your wedding photographer.

Wedding Photography checklist

A checklist is a list of items (names, tasks etc.) to be checked or consulted. Since photography is considered an important part of a wedding, one must plan well ahead how the wedding photography should go.

Wedding photographers, out of their experiences, have a fair idea of the general checklists their hirers have in mind; however, these are general checklists and not exclusive ones. A general checklist may comprise freezing all the important moments; an exclusive one shall comprise those when the real close ones are just pulling a gaffe. The advantage of such a checklist is that it shall make re-live the memories while leafing through an album later; the old adage holds true here.

Say for example, the arrival of the groom. People are usually a bit nervous on their wedding day, so tripping a bit over the carpet can make a really funny shot. Or may it be the bride, in her bridal echelon or the throwing of the bridal bouquet. An aerial view of the wedding site is also a staple for the checklists and so is the exchange of the vows or rings; to sum it up all, make your imagination run wild as far as it can go.


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