Engagement Photography

Engagement ring

Engagement ring

So the bottom line is: You want to freeze the moment you are getting leashed. However, all of us do not share an equal sense of humor; therefore, let’s use the words Engagement Photography instead. And if you are lucky enough, the wedding photographer you hired won’t mind starting his job a few days prior to the big day.

Engagement Photography

A photo session evens out the odds at an engagement. There are professionals skilled at it; they can help you relax while you are being shot. While most shall ask you to pose, the real experienced ones shall help you not to get bogged down with the details and shall make the best out of natural expressions. But that comes later; you got to decide first whether it is a studio or an outdoor engagement photography location that you shall go for?

There also stay a few other points attached, like, would you prefer formal or casual engagement photography? Would you like it to be posed or a photo journalistic one? Think about the style of engagement photography that shall suit you the most and the wedding photographers shall take care of the rest.

Location for engagement Photography

The most common option remains in choosing an engagement photography location is to get it done in a photographer’s studio; else, any location with scenic beauty is a hot choice. That way, it can be a park or the beach, but most of all, the selected location should translate the couple’s personality into a viewable form.

Dresses to wear?

No, not the wedding gears (or maybe that, if you are a rebel at heart) but something real close it. Tans and whites or even denim makes for a striking engagement photography color combination; whether it should be a formal or a casual attire depends totally on the individual preferences.

Engagement Ring photography

Engagement Ring photography


While ideas run galore regarding an engagement photography session, it’s the wedding photographers who provide the best inputs. It is after all a testing phase before the big day arrives so engagement photos taken at the location of the wedding is going to be a wise choice, that is, if you are not too focused on variety.

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  1. who makes that blue engagment ring?

  2. I’d like to know who makes that ring too

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