Things to look for before hiring a Wedding Photographer


Planning a wedding? You must remember the choices are going to be as varied as the invited individuals (hell, you need to be choosy there as well) and an overwhelming experience could be the result. However, the only ray of hope arrives when it’s time to choose the right wedding photographer; luckily, it’s not as complicated as the rest of the things. You just need to follow a few simple steps.

You may proceed by asking all whom you know well if they can recommend a few wedding photographers; else, you may surf the Internet in search of wedding photography websites. Take particular attention for the feedback sections and then take note of whichever that creates an impression on you.

Next, you need to visualize the wedding photography you have in mind. Compare it with the portfolios presented online and see whether they comply to your mental imagery. If you find two or more wedding photographers being able to deliver what you want, it’s time to prepare the interview questionnaire.

Find wedding photographers

Find wedding photographers

Basic questions to be asked

The questionnaire must not embrace wedding/bridal photography only; they must relate to the business of the wedding photographers as well. So ask them:

  • About the period they have been into business.

  • About the locations they have worked at.

  • Whether the wedding photographers are a part of any photographers’ organization.

  • Whether the wedding photography company shall let you speak to the photographer they shall be sending prior to signing the contract.

If the answer to the last question is a firm “Yes”, then:

  • Ask him to show his own works and not the portfolio of the company.

  • Ask if they are offering a candid or a traditional wedding photography style or if they are offering both. Candid photography is tough since the photographer needs to have a lot of presence of mind whereas for the traditional style, the photographer shall arrange the subjects to meet his requirements. That way, candid shots require more experience, especially with wedding photography.

  • Ask the photographer for the former clients he has served. The one who is good at his job shall readily agree.

  • Many offer complimentary stuff like albums and negatives; if they are offering so, you are bound to get more bangs for your bucks. Find out if your chosen ones offer something similar.

  • Lastly, it’s about making sure that no hidden costs are involved. There exist pricing methods that have a per-click basis; for things like all-day coverage, album upgrades, print quality and particular sizes, the client needs to pay extra.

After you confirm everything, hire them for your engagement (if that’s still due); the resulting photos shall speak volumes greater than a persuading marketing blabbering.


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