Best Wedding Favors & Gifts

  • What are wedding favors and gifts?

If you are the bride or the groom, it is your responsibility to buy the wedding gifts for the participants, something that shall remind them of your wedding even decades later. Thus, the gifts must exhibit a certain amount appreciation towards all the hard work the participants have done to make your wedding come true. The wedding favors are also meant to show the gratitude you have for them; therefore, a careful selection is must.

Nice Wedding Favors

Nice Wedding Favors

The unwritten laws of wedding favors and gifts

You are certainly not going to gift your parents something that you’ll to your friends and buddies, so being selective is the only way out here. And above all, they need to be unique for each person, not expensive; that way, it shall be a one-way ticket to a lasting impression.

For the bride and the groom, it’s essential that the special gift is delivered from one to the other on the day of the wedding. For the bridesmaid and the groomsmen, it’s the maid of honor and the best man who should receive gifts that are more unique than what others receive. A nice way to do that is to gift them something of an equal value.

Now, it’s about the Flower Girl and the Ring Bearer. It’s the age of these people that matters the most, so a gift certificate is the safest option.

As for the wedding favors, they must deliver two messages loud and clear – a Thank You (for sharing your special day) and remember the day. While they must not exactly be extravagant gifts, but they should make the receivers realize how much they mean to the newly-wed couples. For the special individuals (e.g. grandparents, aunt or anyone whom you give credits for a certain something), a small token of appreciation is the best.

  • How to find the best suitable gift

To choose the correct wedding favors and wedding gifts, try keeping them personal. That involves a lot of thoughts and therefore, is definitely not an eleventh-hour affair. Therefore, if you want to gift just a souvenir, the figurine of a dancing couple, or a candle on a holder bearing the wedding details shall do fine; even a plaque engraved with the couple’s names and related wedding details shall do fine. However, with technology entering every part of life, you may even consider a CD/DVD of the entire wedding well placed inside the plaque (now, it shall become a CD/DVD case). But if you want to gift something really useful, pens, desk clocks, notepads, paperweights or letter openers can serve beautifully.

But there are some who are either gluttons or are gifted (or cursed) with a sweet tooth. For them, chocolates and candies make the best of the gifts. These people like carrying home a piece of the wedding they have attended; however, if you really want to stun your guests with wedding favors and wedding gifts that are out of this world, you need to seek advices from professional wedding planners. They thrive on creativity and imagination, so selecting something as per your preferences is going to be more than a cakewalk that way.


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