How to plan for Wedding DJ

If it’s a great honeymoon, then it must have had initiated at the reception. A philosophical thought, no doubt, but philosophy isn’t everyone’s cup. Perhaps this is why people leave more than half of the stones (read wedding disc jockeys) unturned while planning a wedding.

But fact remains that taking chances and celebrations are most of the times polar opposites. Perhaps this is another reason why people are not ready to take chances when it comes to planning for some entertainment in the wedding premises and simply avoid it. However, with a bit of careful planning, the right wedding DJs could fire up the passion in the ballroom.

Wedding Disc Jockey's hand

Wedding Disc Jockey

So how do we define a good wedding disc jockey? Apart from him being the owner of the latest state-of-the-art equipment and a lot of musical sense, he needs to be an MC (Master of Ceremonies), a music programmer, a remix artist, a lighting designer and very much of a party enabler.

Let’s think you have found a few disc jockeys and now you want to select the one for the wedding. So how would you know who’s going to prove the best? For that, you need to put in a bit of legwork and mind-work. Firstly, you need to evaluate his performance, so see and hear each one of the disc jockeys LIVE. Apart from the music he plays, it shall be an open exhibition of the lighting, musical ideas and his capability to keep the crowd on its toes (read engaging an audience) through everything that’s verbal and non-verbal. However, you must also keep a check on whether he is playing the right music at the right time. Besides, he must also know when and how to pump up an entire crowd and when to shut up. Timing, that is, a party can’t happen properly if the required intervals are not granted to deal with lulls or slowdowns; for that, he also needs to be aware of the crowd’s emotional pulse.

Wedding Dj Thomas playing

Wedding Dj Thomas playing

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Thus, before you set your mind on whoever seems to be the best, keep one thing in mind:

Every reception is unique in its own sense; the only thing that remains common in this aspect is the extreme care required for the planning. A good wedding disc jockey shall know how to set the primary, important focal points or formalities, comprising the traditional elements of entrance, first dance and the cake cutting. These moments are when the crowd has a common point to focus its entire attention to. Thus, the wedding disc jockey must have appropriate catchy tunes ready to be played (if required, he must be able to create new ones real time) for introductions; toasts; greeting the guests and the first dance; besides, he must be able to make the party announcements spontaneously and not those written on a piece of paper.

Always remember that the right song energizes the wedding hall and the right DJ puts the energy into the music, which can be a request from a guest as well. So the wedding DJ must not fumble with his announcements and must keep them concise with a touch of personal notes and tasteful humor. Do it this way and you’re bound to earn the respect and appreciation of everyone you have invited.


2 responses to “How to plan for Wedding DJ

  1. Could you please recommend a few DJ’s that you think are very good in the West LA area? The wedding is in April ’09. Also, your company’s name and phome number.

  2. weddingphotographers1

    Hi Gaby,

    I can recommend you Respond referrals for Wedding and DJs.
    On request we will provide you up to 4 free quotes from wedding DJs, from which you can compare and Hire.
    Any more Information you require please feel free to ask.
    Please provide your contact Information or email for further queries.

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