Affordable Wedding plan

Wedding is becoming a costly affair every passing day. While many blame it on the rising gas (food as well) prices, fact remains that wedding vendors are moving together with these skyrocketing cost structures. However, with a little bit of insight, things can fit even a small-sized wallet.

Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes

  • How to save on planning a wedding

You must learn to prioritize before making a wedding plan. Doing so shall transform an event to a ceremony and it’s those little details that shall make all the difference. Handled wrongly, those details can turn a wedding into a more expensive affair. Thus, prioritize with enough time.

Let’s start with the booking of the venue. A booking for a non-traditional day – though it shall make you wait a bit longer – shall allow you saving a decent amount of money; along with it shall come a few incentives from the vendor, which may well be a free champagne toast for the invited or even hors d’oeuvres and wedding cakes at a reduced price.

Next, it is the bridal party. The larger it is; the larger shall be the amount of gifts, bouquets and boutonnieres. That translates to more expense. Keeping a bridal party small shall help you to save a few extra dollars that you can use elsewhere.

But if you somehow find figuring out the cost-cutting methods tough, it shall be best for you to hire a wedding consultant. A lot of people back out from doing so thinking about their fees, but in practice, the fees amount to a fraction of all the savings you shall make unless you are hiring one from Hollywood. The secret here is – the wedding consultants use their professional discount slabs while fixing up the vendors.

floral wedding cake

floral wedding cake

  • Tips for an affordable wedding

Given an extremely time consuming and difficult task, planning a wedding becomes easier if tips to save both time and money are available. A haphazardly planned wedding may well reach the $30,000 mark, but there are also better things that you can do with that amount as you start a new life. That reinforces the necessity of professional wedding planning tips; after all, a beautiful and memorable wedding for less can take you to new heights in the forthcoming days. A careful planning needs a little research on the practical side and can set a wedding budget enviable to all!

So start by putting everything in perspective. For your wedding day, you need certain things to stand out from the rest; that said, are the rings, the bridal gown, the photographs and/or the videos. Apart from the bridal gown, the rest shall be of forever; therefore, a wise option here shall be to rent the bridal gown and the tuxedo while you invest the saved amount for buying high-end rings and for hiring the best photo/videographers. That means, the cost of the wedding dresses are sufficient to get you your objects of desire without making you spend an extra dime.

This shall further take off the burden of making both ends meet in your wedding budget (a must!). Now that the number of guests determines the maximum expense, prepare a list of people with whom you shall really love to share day. Keeping out the not-so-close shall minimize the expenses to a substantial amount. A buffet or hors d’oeuvres turns out a lot cheaper than a proper banquet dinner so consider that as an option. A cash bar, or an alcohol-free reception shall allow you to cut the costs even more.


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