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How to find low cost wedding rings

Wearing something that signifies the loving bond between the bride and the groom is an age-old tradition that still continues and wedding rings, apart from delivering the message, also marks a special union besides symbolizing the commitment a couple gets into with each other. But people often land up in bizarre situations since it becomes a matter of prestige to bargain for wedding rings; however, with adequate information on low cost wedding rings, you can save a lot of money without compromising on the quality, the elegance and the style. The money saved can thus be utilized for a better wedding reception, a better wedding venue and even, a much better wedding gift.

A lovely diamond on gold ring

A lovely diamond on gold ring

Blue diamond wedding ring

Blue diamond wedding ring

· Choose the right quality

The quality of a wedding ring reflects both from the metal and the gem; therefore, it is paramount that the choice should be based on a careful scrutiny. It’s not tough to find affordable metals of high quality unless you are dead set on precious metals like gold or platinum. The platinum appearance can be well achieved with white gold and the price becomes just half; still cheaper are yellow gold wedding rings or rose-gold wedding rings. However, there are many who are using these only for the ceremony, while for a regular usage, they are opting for high-quality silver or titanium wedding rings.

Gold solitaire wedding ring for couple

Gold solitaire wedding ring for couple

Low priced rings

But how would you know if a wedding ring is rightly priced? By its weight and size – the weight of a piece of metal reflects the quality while size determines the quantity that’s been put into it. The thickness of a wedding ring is therefore, the determinant of its price. Thus, go for the thinner ones if you are on a budget and remember that both the wedding rings should be of equal thickness.

Another point that should be mentioned here is: affordability is proportional to the brand name and the grandness of a jewelry store. A silver wedding ring from Cartier is definitely going to cost more than a diamond wedding ring from the local seller, but you need to have an eye for detail if buying it from him. Else, you may also find discounted wedding rings (single pieces or by pairs) in the departmental stores during the off-wedding seasons or in the websites that sell stuff online. Sometimes, they belong to direct manufacturers; in that case, you may make a deal that can save a lot of money.

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Beach wedding reception centerpieces

Beach Wedding centerpiece

Beach Wedding centerpiece

The Sun and the Sea fits into every occasion and even in the context of wedding. The concept of beach wedding thus took form and is currently one of the most popular themes. Holding a beach wedding is as simple as making arrangements on some seashore, or, in this age of virtual reality, you may just transform a reception hall into one. But either way, the decoration must match the ambience; from the food and the flowers to the dresses to the table centerpieces at the reception.

Interesting beach wedding centerpieces are galore if budget is not a concern; what really matters is availability. Then again, not every centerpiece is going to appeal to a particular bride, turning the job tougher by a few more folds. However, wedding planners have worked an easy way out; they have made packages based on themes. Therefore, all that you require to choose your preferred centerpieces is just selecting a particular theme.

That way, the Sand and Candle Beach reception centerpieces stand as the choice for a lot of people though the combination has not yet been widely overdone. As evident from the name, it’s sand, shells and candles – all within a glass container. The ingredients are both inexpensive and eye catching due to the contrast – bright white candles placed against white sand and colorful shells and coral in decorative glass bowls on the tables appear much more appealing than placing everything on top of a large mirror. Still better, if you can place the glass container itself on a large bamboo tray or plate, covered with a small umbrella made from green banana leaves or dried grass.

The above recommendation is good for individual traditional, round tables, but what if you have planned to keep long tables instead? The traditional linen table runner can then be well replaced with more tropical ideas, which can be a large pile of shells or rose petals, laid down the center of the table. An alternative is a few long pieces of cleaned driftwood with tea lights and orchids placed on it. But keep one thing in mind, the orchids need to be tropical; else, the word shall spread around among the invited from the person who knows.

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Affordable Wedding Ideas

  • Affordable wedding plan

The common mindset considers wedding and affordable to be an absolute oxymoron, but times have changed and unless we change our thought patterns, it’s the dinosaurs’ destiny that waits.

Any wedding in the United States ranges between $20,000 and $40,000; add a bit of creativity and the figures can jump high or go real down. Now, most of us shall fall for option number two, but it’s tough to create cheap wedding ideas that shall be appreciated by the invited. This is where recommendations on beautiful visual impacts come handy and they can satisfy all without making you from spending a fortune.

Pink Red Flowers

Pink Red Flowers

  • Cheap wedding flowers

If you cannot cut down on the wines, then do it on the flowers. Here, you must follow the age-old rules set by the laws of supply and demand; that translates to what is not easily available shall come for a greater price. Therefore, seasonal flowers can save your wallet from being drained; off-season flowers can make your budget go haywire.

Next, it is about the general style and color scheme. Flexibility is the keyword here; even if you dislike certain ones, opt for them to match a certain design or a color scheme. However, you may cut the costs further by holding your wedding during December; the Christmas season itself keeps a church decorated. And if you are planning for a wedding near to or on the Valentine’s Day, be ready to shell out a fortune.

Regarding the larger floral arrangements (e.g. on an altar), these are viewable from a distance; therefore, it shall be unwise to invest on expensive flowers. Or make a big investment on the arrangement but hold your wedding amidst a park or a lush garden; the flowers that way shall come free.

You can save a lot of money by choosing Carnations; the blooms – packed together and stems and greenery removed – provide quite a striking appearance. Else, party rental suppliers are always there to rent you large potted plants that are so famous for filling visually a lot of space.

Search for them (as well as for the florists) online; these usually offer a price lower than traditional marketplaces while ensuring the same quality. And if you are not too savvy about the prep work (cleaning, trimming and keeping them alive), a few dollars extra can let you hire decorators who shall add the extra colors to your wedding.