Beach wedding reception centerpieces

Beach Wedding centerpiece

Beach Wedding centerpiece

The Sun and the Sea fits into every occasion and even in the context of wedding. The concept of beach wedding thus took form and is currently one of the most popular themes. Holding a beach wedding is as simple as making arrangements on some seashore, or, in this age of virtual reality, you may just transform a reception hall into one. But either way, the decoration must match the ambience; from the food and the flowers to the dresses to the table centerpieces at the reception.

Interesting beach wedding centerpieces are galore if budget is not a concern; what really matters is availability. Then again, not every centerpiece is going to appeal to a particular bride, turning the job tougher by a few more folds. However, wedding planners have worked an easy way out; they have made packages based on themes. Therefore, all that you require to choose your preferred centerpieces is just selecting a particular theme.

That way, the Sand and Candle Beach reception centerpieces stand as the choice for a lot of people though the combination has not yet been widely overdone. As evident from the name, it’s sand, shells and candles – all within a glass container. The ingredients are both inexpensive and eye catching due to the contrast – bright white candles placed against white sand and colorful shells and coral in decorative glass bowls on the tables appear much more appealing than placing everything on top of a large mirror. Still better, if you can place the glass container itself on a large bamboo tray or plate, covered with a small umbrella made from green banana leaves or dried grass.

The above recommendation is good for individual traditional, round tables, but what if you have planned to keep long tables instead? The traditional linen table runner can then be well replaced with more tropical ideas, which can be a large pile of shells or rose petals, laid down the center of the table. An alternative is a few long pieces of cleaned driftwood with tea lights and orchids placed on it. But keep one thing in mind, the orchids need to be tropical; else, the word shall spread around among the invited from the person who knows.

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