Chinese wedding tradition – from top wedding photographers

Chinese weddings primarily focus on maintaining the bloodlines; next, it is for the purpose of creating alliances. But the changing times replaced the mindsets; modern Chinese weddings retain only a part of the old customs. But exceptions always remain present; there are certain orthodox Chinese families who still abide by the traditional practices.

Chinese wedding couple

Chinese wedding couple

Now, traditional doesn’t always mean dogmatic; at times, they can initiate a good deal of fun. Say for example, the mode of communication of yore. Letters in forms of scrolls and written in ornamental fonts carry both a feel of warmth and raiment that emails or e-cards do not; moreover, portrays more of a betrothal than a mere wedding process. And if you are naturally inclined to ancient customs, you can even go for the set of three i.e. one letter each for request (letter conveying the confirmation of formal arrangements); for the gift (a documentation of wedding gifts with their respective emotional values) and the final one for the bride’s family given right on the wedding day.

You may also replace the bachelorette’s party with the Pomelo (large pear-shaped fruit similar to grapefruit but with coarse dry pulp) water bathing ceremony you’re your closest friends, but don’t forget to choose the lucky wedding date according to a lunar calendar. It shall also ensure the stellar positions for the Heaven to shower the blessings; however, for the optimum results, you should marry at a time that’s perfectly between the time of initiation and ending of the auspicious period. The common belief is, that way; a couple can begin their new lives on an upswing.

Chinese wedding tradition

Chinese wedding tradition

Colors play a vital role in Chinese traditions and red gets maximum attention in this aspect. Red portrays vitality and energy; also boldness, love and prosperity. Agreed that golden on red looks a little gaudy, but if it’s a Chinese wedding ceremony you are following, you got to stick to that.

When all that’s done, let your parents know you want a new bed; even you can afford a hundred of them. It should come complete with pillows, pillowcases, and related paraphernalia for you require to sleep on it a night before the wedding. Tell your young nephew (if you have one) to jump up and down on the bed; it shall bring you two a fair bit of good luck on producing an heir.

When all the prior formalities are done with, it’s time to concentrate on the wedding day. Be prepared to serve tea along with your bride to both your parents, family and the guests to pocket the gifts. Jewelry and money in red envelopes is the tradition, but I-Pods and cell phones in red wrappings shall do in the new millennium.

chinese traditional wedding dance

chinese traditional wedding dance

The bride might get a little offended since she has to change dresses three – a different one each – time, but she is not going to dislike it completely. Start looking for a white dress with veil (to be worn during the ceremony); a traditional Chinese wedding dress (for the banquet with a twelve-course meal) and the going-away dress as soon as you finish reading this piece.

But you are going to like the Chinese wedding tradition most if you love hogging hogs; know that a Chinese wedding ceremony is incomplete without a roasted pig and shark fin soup. That shall give you enough energy to sustain through the post wedding ritual the day after, where, the bride needs to get up earlier!

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