Wedding Packages offered by Top Wedding Photographers

All of us want to capture the moments of a wedding ceremony. Top wedding photographers, all over the United States have precisely understood our wishes. Services of professional companies for wedding photography are available easily, wherever the wedding takes place in the country. Some of the most prominent US wedding photographers and the wedding packages they offer are:

Top Wedding Photograph

Top Wedding Photograph

a) Instant Memories Inc. (Edmonton) à offers Platinum ($2800), Gold ($2600), Silver ($2200) and Bronze ($1500) packages. The first three packages all include free negatives and digital files, proofs printed in triple sets, free engagement snaps and free online engagement albums,

b) Northstar Wedding Photography (Philadelphia, New York and other locations) à offers the Silver ($1800), Gold ($2550) and Diamond ($3550) collections. The Diamond collection comprises of over 800 exposures on the wedding day, along with unlimited coverage; coverage is also unlimited on the Gold collection (with over 600 exposures); Exposures in excess of 400 ( with 6 hours of coverage) is available on the Silver collection,

c) California Wedding Photographers (California) à comprises of a large number of wedding photography companies, with packages starting from $750-$900; similar companies are present in Indiana as well,

d) Steve Rouch Photography (at multiple locations) à offers traditional wedding packages at prices between $999 and $6999,

e) CJC Wedding & Event Photography à offers the Petite (up to 3 hours coverage at $1295), Modern (up to 4 hours coverage at $1475), Deluxe (up to 5 hours coverage at $1645), Classic (up to 7 hours coverage$1975) and Traditional packages; the last-mentioned package offers upto 8 hours of coverage. All packages include unlimited 4×6 images.

The above-mentioned wedding photography companies are only a few of the top wedding photographers providing service in the US. In order to ensure perfect photography at a wedding, the service-users should also make a checklist of the essential pictures/shots that need to be taken.


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