Guidelines on Church wedding photography – Some Do’s and Don’ts

Church wedding Photography

Church wedding Photography

It is at the church, at the altar that the most beautiful and memorable moments occur and every couple treasures those moments and wishes that the moments can be captured and kept safe with them forever through the camera. But unfortunately church wedding photography is not at all easy, it involves too many restrictions. It generally becomes very difficult for photographers to capture snaps during the church wedding.

Most churches do not allow the wedding photographer anywhere near the altar. They only let the photographer to click his pictures standing behind the lat row of people sitting at the church. It is really unfortunate as it becomes very difficult to capture any facial expressions from that far. And if the bride and groom are facing the priest then there remains nothing for the photographer to shoot. Most churches restrict the use of flash by the wedding photographer. But the irony is that though so many restrictions are burdened on the wedding photographer, the guests simply keep on clicking with their digital cameras in the flash mode.

White frills and decoration

White frills and decoration

It is always better if the couple finds out in advance the restrictions on photography and informs the photographer in advance. This would help the photographer to make his plans in advance as well n order to capture the church wedding celebrations in all its glory.


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