An Exotic Island Wedding – II

Do you want to make your wedding ceremony a memorable and an extremely stylish one? Are you looking for marriage locations that are innovative and certainly removed from the usual, run-of-the-mill ones? In case you are, an exotic island wedding is just what you should opt for. Island weddings are one of the best ways to add that extra dollop of panache to your marriage ceremony. There are plenty of attractive and inspiring island wedding locations to choose from for the marrying couples. Every island wedding scheme comes with its unique island wedding package, and these packages also need careful consideration.

Island Wedding under Palm tree

Island Wedding under Palm tree

There are a few issues that need to be handled well, in order to make an island wedding a grand success. Some of these factors are:

Special places of interest

There are several alternative locations for island wedding ceremonies. Each of these spots holds out special attractive features, making them ideal venues for island marriage ceremonies. Some such exotic island wedding locations are:

i) Sandals Grande Antigua Resort (this resort offers combined wedding and honeymoon packages),

ii) St Lucia Sandals – Grande St Lucian Resort & Spa,

iii) Sandals Jamaica Grande Ocho Rios Beach & Villa Resort,

iv) Aruba Beach Weddings and Honeymoon resort,

v) Punta Cana – Secrets Excellence Punta Cana Resort

Apart from the above five, there are quite a number of other island resorts too, that would be just perfect for a stylish island wedding ceremony.

Bridesmaids dressed in traditional dress

Bridesmaids dressed in traditional dress

Island wedding packages

Marrying couples can choose from numerous alternative island wedding package options. A comprehensive coverage of the wedding ceremony (along with wedding photography) is desirable. Certain packages also provide pre-wedding photography options, as well as smart packing styles, and different photo enlargement options. Wall portraits of wedding ceremonies are also available in some packages. Coverage of the wedding reception can be limited or unrestricted, depending on the packages. Digital collage albums and DVD slideshow of the wedding photos can also be made available. Certain islands also provide combined packages of wedding and honeymoon.

Island wedding locations as well as packages are many in number, and marrying couples need to decide upon the one that is best suited for their needs. A proper selection of island wedding package and location can indeed make a marriage ceremony a truly memorable occasion.


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