My favorite Wedding Destinations

Bermuda Wedding Destination

Bermuda Wedding Destination

Selecting a wedding destination for your wedding can be really a tough decision. If you are planning a beach wedding, the options available are so many that it becomes really difficult to decide. I have prepared a list of my favorite wedding destinations for a beach wedding, go through this list and am sure you’ll find one that will suit you perfectly.

Wedding Destinations –

A seaside wedding destination

A seaside wedding destination

Anguilla – Anguilla, British West Indies is rightly called tranquility wrapped in blue. Romantic couples look upon this spot as one of the best in the whole world with 33 beaches all over which some term as the best in the Caribbean. It is one of the perfect wedding destinations.

Antigua & Barbuda – This supreme island is in fact the favorite of adventurous water sports loving couples. It is at this island that one of the foremost maritime events the Sailing Week is conducted. The island boasts of beautiful coral reefs that attract snorkelers and scuba divers from all over the world. The powdery soft beaches are simply the most inviting for couples who are planning to start a new life.

Belize – It is a paradise for adventure seekers. The adventure opportunities offered by Belize are unmatched by any other country. For couples who want a touch of adventure in their wedding this is the perfect place to be. You have the tropical forests as well as the longest barrier reef in the western hemisphere to enjoy.

Sea side wedding destination in British virgin Islands

Sea side wedding destination in British virgin Islands

Bermuda – This uniquely secluded place boasts of offering a rare experience. The ambience of this place is awesomely pure; which is in fact a rarity in today’s world. It is a favorite of romantic couples hunting for a wedding destination.

British Virgin Islands – British Virgin Islands is rightly called Nature’s best kept secret. With isolated beaches, secluded islands, white sand, the beautiful water all around, all these make this place rank high in the list of every romantic couple.

Cancun – Cancun boasts of a lot of activities for you and your guests too. Warm beaches, rich indigo colored water all around, romantic nights, snorkeling, fishing, diving, archeological sites, nightlife, awesome hotels, you name it and Cancun has it.

Hawaii wedding Destinations

Hawaii wedding Destinations

Saba – Saba is a paradise perfect for your honeymoon. With its breathtaking unspoiled landscapes, warm, friendly people your wedding and honeymoon will definitely be special.

I am sure you’ll be able to find your dream beach wedding destination from this list. There are many more beautiful places available but these are definitely my favorite.

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