10 questions to ask your wedding photographer

bay area photography

bay area photography

So you have planned out how you want your wedding to be; you decided on the

couple photoshoot

couple photoshoot

decor, the dinner, the dress and the cake but you don’t want them to be a fleeting thing. Nobody does, so up came the wedding photographers with promises to frame pleasurably some unforgotten moments forever. But since their works are going to exist almost near-eternity, the price you need to pay is a hefty one.

Well, that was the scene even a few years back when digital photography was at its nascent stage. Today, because of a tough competitive market, even the prices for traditional photography have come down to a level at par with its digital sibling. However, with the right info under your belt, you may slash that even further and arrange for a wedding that’s inexpensive, yet beautiful. And if you want, you may even make the technological extremities meet.

Bride posing in front of the cam

Bride posing in front of the cam

Being carried away at the glance of the equipment of a wedding photographer is

Portrait wedding photography

Portrait wedding photography

often a factor that raises the total wedding bill. But equipments never speak of the style (unless you are well-informed on the subject); thus before hiring a wedding photographer, asking a wedding photographer questions (interviews are a part of every employment, temporary or long-term) shall be helpful towards cutting the budget down to a great extent, which shall reflect on your total wedding budget.

The first thing that needs to be addressed is his preferred style; it is not always that your preferences shall match. If he is good for clicking at everything posed and formal, it’s not necessary that he shall be equally good in framing a candid or relaxed mood; a photojournalistic approach may not be a creative one and vice-versa. However, if he is good at artistic photography while staying within the traditional boundaries, paying him a little higher in comparison to others might prove a wise decision. After all, portraying something traditional without bringing in the boredom requires skills and a lot of thoughts.

Thus, to ensure you are really going to have substantial savings on your wedding budgets, note down the following:

Classic wedding photograph

Classic wedding photograph

  1. i. Color photographs or is it going to be in black and white? Color photos are cheaper but black and white, in skilled hands, turns out real sensuous.  With digital formats; however, the prices are more or less, the same.
  1. ii. Shot list: If the wedding photographer has one ready (the usual format), it won’t cost extra; else, he may charge more if you give him a shot list to work from.

  1. iii. The master and the apprentice: Often the photographers send their assistants (or, the studio PR person) to chalk out the initial details. While that’s good, make sure you meet the actual person before signing and sealing the contract. That way, you shall get a complete detail on the styles, the equipment, the complimentary services and overall, a clearer picture of the total money outflow. Savings are vital.

Note : Special thanks to Art Vision Studio for the lovely images.


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