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How to Judge the Quality of Glamour Photographers

Glamor photographers or boudoir photographers are a lot in demand by models and actors who want to build their portfolio. These photographers are also rightly known as model portfolio photographers. Glamour photographs are basically sexy, sultry pictures that lead to titillation but can in no way be termed pornographic. Glamour photography does not necessarily include nude photographs.

Outdoor Glamour Photography

Outdoor Glamour Photography

There are various factors that determine the quality of glamour photographers or headshot photographers. Many factors come together to produce the right effect that can be correctly termed as glamour photography. Let us take a look at the various factors that help determine the success of a glamour photograph.

Equipments – Though many photographers take their glamour shots inside the studio with the help of expensive equipments, some are able to capture the right mood with the minimum of equipments present.

Vertical Snaps – Most glamour photography is done using the vertical mode. The reason being, it helps focus the attention only on the model and takes attention away from the background by not wasting much space on it.

Backgrounds – Glamour photography generally tries to keep background to the minimal, thus keeping the focus on the model itself. Plain backgrounds are most popular. Sometimes a simple doorway or an arch way is used as a background and also to add mystery to the photograph. A glamour photographer generally tries to create a sense of mystery round the picture which gives it a captivating quality.

Props – Props though not necessary yet can sometimes enhance a glamour photograph a lot. Imagine a leather clad biker with a single rose shot in sepia tone. The single rose along with the color scheme creates a sense of mystery around the leather clad rough biker. But it has to be kept in mind that the props should only add to the photograph and not take away from it.

Lighting – Lighting is a major part of glamour photography. It helps the professional photographers to create the right mood for the snap.

Lovely Glamour Photographs

Lovely Glamour Photographs

Posing the Models – A glamour photographer needs to know in which position and at which angle a model will look his/her best. And not only the particular model, the knowledge of how the human body moves, bends etc helps a boudoir photographer to get the right image.

Interacting with the Models – The photographer should be able to interact well with the model and make him/her not only feel comfortable but also help them bring out the right expressions on their face and to portray the right body language.

Eyes and Smile – A photographer should always try to emphasis the eyes and smile of the model. Though in glamour photography, in many snaps the mouth portrays nothing while the intense glare of the eyes says it all. The photographer has to know what he actually is looking for and should be able to get it out of the model.

Hair and Eye make-up – Generally in glamour photography the hair and eyes are kept as natural as possible, unless some special emphasis needs to be placed on either of them. The whole body is required to enhance the glamour photograph and so the eyes, hair, lip all need to a part of the picture and not take the attention away from the model as a whole.

We need to keep in mind that glamour photography is all about sexy, romantic, mysterious pictures that enchant us but should never be such that they get teamed up with pornographic images.

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