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An Exotic Island Wedding – I

Bridesmaid in Island Traditional Dress

Bridesmaid in Island Traditional Dress

Wedding ceremonies on exotic locations always seem to be an attractive option. An island wedding offers a stylish and much more innovative option than a conventional, run-of-the-mill church wedding ceremony. Weddings are, beyond doubt, one of the most important days in any person’s life. It is really desirable to make this day special and truly memorable, choosing a nice island wedding destination is a great way of doing so. Although not the first-choice among strongly traditionalist and/or Catholic families, different types of island wedding plan have steadily gained in popularity over the years. An island wedding and related island wedding photography are truly an ideal way to make your marriage a memorable ceremony indeed.

Before you can actually hold a successful island wedding ceremony, you need to carefully plan an exotic island wedding. These ceremonies are ideal, both as a venue for marriage as well as for a romantic renewal of vows (i.e., a quaint and emotional ‘second marriage’). The marrying couple needs to visit the island prior to the ceremony in order to ensure that it satisfies all the desirable conditions for hosting a perfect marriage ceremony. The beauty of the beaches, the cultural styles of the area, and the often exotic styles of the islands are some of the features that need to be considered while choosing a particular island for marriage. The various island wedding packages and their corresponding expenses need also be studied in detail.

Wedding Guests and Couple

Wedding Guests and Couple

Island weddings are, by nature, exotic; in order to keep these ceremonies etched in memory, wedding photography is also a crucial element at these marriages. Some general tips on island wedding photography are:

a) Studying the wedding location à A wedding photographer needs to know exactly how an island would appear during different parts of the day, and how conducive it is for photography purposes. Hence, a prior study of the island (that has been selected as a venue for marriage) is an absolute necessity,

b) Lighting arrangements à In the case of an outdoor wedding, direct sunlight should be avoided for suitable wedding photography. Conversely, during an indoor wedding, the presence of adequate lights is a must,

c) Photo angles à Photographers need to click wedding snaps from different, innovative angles. This would indeed provide for stylish island wedding photography,

d) Camaraderie with the couple à The marrying couple should be comfortable and completely at ease with the photographer. The latter should ensure that the couple do not feel stressed or nervous at any stage of the ceremony, and

e) Background selection à The best wedding photos have beautiful backgrounds that perfectly blend with the entire photo. The photographer should, hence, select the different backgrounds for his photos with great care.

If you are looking to add a dash of style, panache and innovation to your marriage ceremony, you can easily opt for island wedding ceremonies. You should also have arrangements for expert island wedding photography, in order to make the occasion a truly memorable one.

To be continued…